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As an Arrow Club member, you’ll obtain exclusive rewards and benefits for playing WANAAHA CASINO slots or tables.


wanaaha casino arrow rewards club


wanaaha casino arrow rewards club


wanaaha casino arrow rewards club


wanaaha casino arrow rewards club


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All guests of WANAAHA CASINO  may join the Arrow Club free of charge.

All members of the Arrow Club must be at least twenty one (21) years of age or older. All club transactions require a government issued, photo identification card that must bear the same name as the Arrow Club member cardholder, and show proof of age.

It is the Arrow Club Member’s responsibility to ensure that their card is properly inserted into the data reader on all slot machine, and that it is “accepted” as indicated in the data card reader on the machine. The data card reader shows the card member’s name and point total. This is necessary in order to properly track slot rating and credit points. Management reserves the right to adjust any point balance resulting from malfunctioning, operator failure and/or fraud.

Members may redeem their Arrow Club points for cash after they have earned a minimum of 2,500 points (equal to $5). Points may be cashed out at any time after the minimum has been reached. WANAAHA CASINO staff will issue a voucher based on points earned, and rounded off to the nearest dollar value.
At slots you earn 1 point for every $1 bet. At tables you’ll earn points based on average bet,  game played, and time played. Poker earns 200 points for every hour played.

Take your Arrow Club Membership card, and your valid ID to the casino cage. Club Members must conduct transactions or obtain account information in person. Our staff will be happy to tell you your balance of points and what is available to you for cash or merchandise redemption.
Arrow Club Members cannot use someone else’s card. Members are not allowed to use, conduct transactions or obtain account information for another member. Arrow Club Members are not permitted to solicit other players to use their membership cards. “Card Abuse” is not tolerated. Occurrences of Card Abuse can result in suspension or cancellation of your membership. All benefits are for the person named on the card. Membership points and special offers are non-transferable. The Arrow Club Member’s use of the card indicates acceptance of Arrow Club Members Rules and Conditions.

No, only the person whose name is on the card can redeem points after showing a valid photo ID.

Arrow Club Membership is on-going. Members who have not used their account for a long period of time, remain in the system. Members who wish to terminate their account must notify casino cage. Accrued points are forfeited and your membership is cancelled. Management reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time for misuse of the Arrow Club card, membership rules and regulations, improper conduct, or any other reason it deems necessary. Upon cancellation of membership, all accumulated points are forfeited. The member’s use of the Arrow Club card indicates acceptance of Club Member Rules and Conditions.
Table game players must give their Arrow Club card to the Dealer or Pit Boss to be rated. Comp rewards are based on average bet and length of play. See Table Game Policies and Procedures for details on Comp Rewards program.
Not a problem. In the event, an Arrow Club Member’s card is lost, misplaced or stolen, it is the member’s responsibility to notify casino staff. A replacement card will be issued upon request when proper identification is presented.

No. Never. We do not share any of your information with anyone else, ever.

We have daily, weekly and monthly events, including tournaments, drawings and give-aways. Please see our promotions page for current happenings. The WANAAHA CASINO, the Arrow Club, and its Governing bodies, reserve the right to cancel or modify any of its programs, at any time, without notice.


Must be 21 years old.
Valid government issued identification required.
Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the WANAAHA cage desk. Duplicate cards will be issued with proper identification.
Accounts with 12 months inactivity will be considered inactive.
Employees of the Casino are not allowed to participate in promotions and special events.